About the Download

Atomic makes it easy to build a bold business or portfolio site with beautiful templates for teams, services, testimonials, portfolio, blog posts and more.

Your business and portfolio, front and center.

Effortlessly create a bold and beautiful business, portfolio and eCommerce site with Atomic. Atomic includes several templates such as Homepage, Portfolio, Services, Team and Testimonials to get you up and running with a professional, powerful, headache-free website.

A homepage that turns heads.

Atomic features a stunning homepage template that brings your content front and center. Showcase your latest portfolio items, introduce your team members, promote your services and more.

We’ve made it super simple to create your own homepage by letting you choose which pages to feature and providing smart desktop and mobile styles to highlight your content. Using Atomic’s Customizer settings, you can launch bold and impressive homepage in half the time and hassle of using a page builder or a bloated theme.

Build a bold and beautiful header.

Atomic includes settings to quickly customize your site’s header to include a header image (or randomize multiple images), header image opacity, introductory header text, and header background color. Using these settings, you can create a header that matches your site perfectly. All of these settings can be changed in real-time, so you can design your header as you tweak the knobs.

Showcase your latest projects.

Highlight your designs, photographs or videos.

Atomic is perfect for photographers, graphic designers, artists, web designers, videographers, and studios. Using a mix of images, galleries and video, you can easily create an impressive portfolio showcasing your latest and greatest work. We’ve provided support for all media types so that you can create a portfolio layout that best highlights your work.

Introduce your team members.

Atomic includes a Team page that lets you introduce your team members with a photo, bio and links to their social media sites. Use the included Team page template to create a standalone page or use the homepage template to showcase your team front and center.

Share your client testimonials.

Testimonials are a great way to showcase the great work and services you provide. Atomic makes it quick and easy to add client or customer testimonials on the homepage or a standalone Testimonials page.

Theme options you need, none you don’t.

Atomic has just the right amount of theme options to help you customize your site without overwhelming you with endless decisions. We’ve done the heavy lifting by making sure your website looks beautiful out of the box, but we’ve also added handy color pickers, slider controls and some other customization settings to help you quickly modify your site.

Using the Customizer, you can tweak your theme options in real-time, which means you can upload your logo, pick an accent color, build your homepage and header and more in only a few clicks.

Sell anything with Atomic and WooCommerce.

Atomic works seamlessly with WooCommerce, a free, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything on your website. WooCommerce is the go-to eCommerce solution for WordPress that gives both store owners and developers complete control. Setting up your shop is as easy as activating WooCommerce and going through the quick setup. Once you’ve done that, you can start adding products and selling them to your customers, it’s as simple as that.

Handcrafted for all screen sizes.

Atomic features a flexible, responsive design, meaning your site will scale to fit any screen size, from desktops down to mobile phones. All pages and features have been optimized to work on every device. Fonts, images, navigations and page styles have been designed to give your users comfortable browsing experience.

Elegant typography on all your devices.

Simply put, better fonts make for a much better reading experience for your visitors. Atomic features a clean, classy sans-serif font called Nunito Sans. We’ve refined Atomic’s typography to work beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


This theme was crafted to work seamlessly with the new WordPress block editor, also called Gutenberg. Along with some beautiful, minimal styling, we’ve also included several different theme options to help you make the site yours.

Theme Options

A look at some of the theme options.

We’ve added several handy theme options like content width, font choices, font sizes, and more, to help you tweak the site to your liking.

  • Logo Upload: Replace the site title & tagline with a logo of your choice.
  • Content Width: Control the width of the content area of your posts and pages.
  • Font Style: We’ve included a serif (Frank Ruhl Libre) and sans-serif (Muli and Nunito Sans) font option that you can choose between.
  • Body Font Size: Change the size of the body font in your posts and pages.
  • Title Font Size: Change the size of the post and page titles.
  • Footer Tagline: Change the default footer tagline text.